Friday, November 10, 2006

I am DEMpressed

This is just the beginning of the great DEMpression that will last at the very least 2 very long years. The DEMS have somehow managed to use terror attacks on this Country and our President's courage to send our brave troops into Iraq to fight in the name of FREEDOM as a political tool to gain power over the United States Congress and Senate. What they intend to do with this power scares the hell out of me and the very least they will able to do with this power will be to block attempts by our President to continue to WIN this war while at the same time growing this economy, restore sanity to our courts, and keep this Country safe to live our lives in freedom.

This is a dark time that will continue not only for the next two years but until the common sensed people of this nation wake up, stand up, and find the courage to fight like Americans for our Country and our future. We are at WAR for the love of GOD and we did not ask to be. What in Gods name will it take for these people to understand that raising the minimum wage or raising taxes or negotiating with EVIL is not the answer.

I for one am DEMpressed and angry as hell.